Rise Of The Planet Of the Apes (2011) Review:Director:Rupert Wyatt/ Writers:Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver, and Pierre Boulle

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It all started in 1969 when the world first saw the apes take over on the big screen Planet Of The Apes (1968) Fast forward to (2011) and times have very well changed in the movie world. This is the first movie in the reboot series next to the upcoming Dawn of the planet of the Apes (2014). This story follows a very motivated man Will Rodman (James Franco) On his quest to find a cure for the alzheimer’s disease devoted to help his father. We learn at the lab of his profession that a very special Chimpanzee has a unique gift inherited from his mother and is taken in by Will Rodman (James Franco) to his own home. We watch as our very eyes vision this ape come to life in every way, swinging  like “Tarzan” and swaying from ceilings to platforms and having what I would call a perfectionist type home for a chimpanzee. Things turn for the worst as Caesar (Andy Serkis) ends up in the local primate shelter because of a bad accident in the neighborhood. Caesar begins to understand that he is a animal but it takes him a good vivid trip down memory lane to understand his purpose as he is the only one of his kind with outstanding IQ and abilities. If you want a movie that is full of action and surprises this is the one for you, the acting itself was very memorable considering I think Serkis is one of the best in the business in motion capture acting. Through out the film we watch Caesars human like qualities and emotional vibe really connect to Will Rodman (James Franco) as we take in every mood the ape is and have a understanding on how smart he really is becoming really did interest me throughout this whole film. (James Franco) Himself i think did a fantastic job bonding with Caesar and connecting to him throughout the whole film showed how great and surreal the film really is. Overall if your a fan of the series and haven’t seen this one be sure to check it out you won’t be disappointed, I give Rise Of The Planet Of the Apes (2011) a 4.5/5


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