“So much pain, so close too losing it y’all. Dear god, a lot things have changed since my last letter. I had to write you again, I just want to tell you, your boy is maintaining, but listen, hear me out god.”


I miss you everyday. All the time thinking how I can’t change what has already happened. I miss your voice, your character, living in the moment every second with you, everything you loved I loved as well. We were brothers, thick & think. I told you every time I saw you that you wouldn’t be there for my wedding, you never believed my words. I saw this coming so long ago, but never truly believed it would happen. YOU brought so much life in my life, the courage you kept in your heart to never give up. I wish I knew how bad you were struggling with this terrible world a long with addiction, but you didn’t want to hurt me, I forever will miss you. I wont forget everything we did together, our talks, the adventures, life will be a blur without you. I promise you I will make it with you still by my side. I just want you to know where ever you are, I love you so much man & am so sorry for all of this, you are my hero. I know you’re watching over my every move in this life now, stay up there, watch over Hallie & I. You will never be forgotten, in my heart forever, everyday I miss you. love you. RIP DTB ❤



Life Spiral 4.25.2016

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Man oh man it’s been a while since I’ve written anything on here. What better way to kick of some motivational writing with the weather pulsing life into my face, I love spring time. Life is such a challenge to live & forget, to carry on & remain strong, the ups & the downs. I myself thought I was invincible to emotional fear, set-backs, I thought I could conquer all my doubts & thoughts I had in my head time to time. The important thing is, I will never give up, & will always keep You up with me. I endure everyone’s pain in the world it seems,  always telling everyone, I FEEL EVERYTHING. I was born to feel all the life, hate, love, setbacks, disappointments, all these help me climb to the pinnacle of where I stand emotionally/physically. The past year I’ve really come to conclusion on what love truly is. Yes the word that gives us butterflies, a beaming word that gives us hope, LOVE. I believe love truly defies/conquers anything in the world, it’s truly unexplainable, the feeling you get when you bond with the “one” the feeling in your heart that’s soaked with happiness, the amount of euphoria, memories, LOVE is what everyone needs, love forever saved my life. Thank you.